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Got the hang of the "facebook" thing!

2011-03-25 19:06:12 by Manumission

Okay, for the third time, i attempted at a facebook page.

Except this time i made an actual page, not a group.

So if you happen to stumble upon my profile, visit my page and like me so you can stream updates to your feed on some hot picks soon! (give me a chance :))

Thanks, 126 total reveiws currently (3/25/11) update


Got the hang of the "facebook" thing!


2011-03-10 14:45:32 by Manumission

Hey ppl, its like 101 audio review time! Thats a right!

As of now, i have about 50 total review with responses and 116 total flash and audio reviews (pretty good considering i don't really review flash :)

WOW that was a lot of reveiws whew! so i have new picks here: Facebook

Also check out an interesting forum thread i made here: (with your opinion)
Best artists so far into the year

New Picks are available for Newgrounds!

2011-02-08 19:23:22 by Manumission

Hey guys! I got some exciting info today!

Ive started to get picks... from the best of the best i review!
That's right! and since facebook is gaining popularity....

I decided that's the place to go.... so travel to oup_127791737280263&ap=1

Thanks again, Manumission

Hello everyone,

I'd like to bring the idea for an awards contest for songs.

I know there is one already for artists and audio forums posters, but i wanted individual songs to have votes.

So hop by at my thread to read about it. Also, all you have to do, if you find a good song, is post it to my thread.

ITS THAT EASY.... (remember this is for the new year of 2011)

In other news,

-Happy new year to everyone in the community, and all my half-fans (because im sad that i don't have any real ones).

-Making some audio for the first time, and im still learning.... here's my first song: Called >Mario, snyth, and drums!> Still in the approval process though

-I'm grateful to the community because of so many helpfuls that other people have put on my reveiws... (I have not voted on any... give my word

-Double M (Love, like or Hate my reveiws)

First actual news post

2010-12-04 21:15:30 by Manumission

Okay, well im kinda excited.... but i always keep posting to a minimal!

Anyways my aura is probably the lightest on newgrounds... but i wont change that because i only review the best and worst :).

In other news....

-I've reached a state of about 80 favorites and 60 reviews. that's mostly because i don't review art or flash that much.

-If anyone actually visits my page please notify me because i really wonder if i do have atleast one fan. :(

-Come to my facebook homepage at:
Manumission on facebook


2010-11-17 16:29:38 by Manumission


I would like to welcome all you newground lovers to my page!

Manumission means the freeing of slaves, i have no idea where that
came from, but it sounds cool. It also explains my picture.

I LOVE TO PLAY MUSIC. It's part of my life. I've played piano for more than
7 years and tuba (bom bom bom) for about 3! Even though I have talent,
I was never good at making ANY music. :(

So maybe you've seen my reveiws or what-not, but i have a reveiw for
every song ive favorited, and a whole lot more. I'm not that much for
flash and games on newgrounds, but the musical talent is great.

Thank you for visiting my newgrounds account!

On audio favorites, the top four you see are some special pics for the month/week.
On art, flash, and other favorites, the top four are my all time favorites.